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Participant Education

Who’s Helping Your Plan’s Participants?

Plan participants receive our objective insights on investment allocations, assistance with enrollment into new plans and help facilitating rollovers from previous employers’ 401(k) plans.

Currently a Participant in a Plan We Work With?

If you are a participant in a retirement plan we currently working with, PLEASE CONTACT US to assist you in answering questions on your plan.

We Care and We Are Here To Help!

A retirement plan is only as successful as it’s participants. Let’s make sure your plan’s participants are comfortable with the plan and who they can talk to for help.

Common Participant Questions and Topics:

  • Investments are confusing - Please HELP ME!
  • ROTH 401(k) or Traditional 401(k)?
  • How does my company’s match work?
  • How much should I save? Deferral percentage?
  • How do loans work?
  • Hardship withdrawals?
  • I am Retired - Now What?
  • Rollovers - from old 401(k) and IRAs

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