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Not-For-Profits - 403(b)

Not-For-Profits - 403(b) and Beyond...

403(b) Plan - Available to employees of certain tax-exempt organizations or public educational institutions (usually schools and hospitals). This voluntary plan allows employees to defer a portion of their current compensation for payment at a later date, generally retirement. Salary deferrals (or contributions) are made through the ease of payroll deduction. Under this plan, contributions and earnings will accumulate tax-deferred. Withdrawals from a 403(b) program are subject to ordinary income tax, and if taken prior to age 59½, a 10% federal income tax penalty may apply.

Harbor Retirement Planning is committed to provide comprehensive plan and participant services to all plan sponsors, regardless of size. With the new regulatory environment, many providers are literally walking away from the voluntary 403(b) plan marketplace, leaving employers struggling to find solutions.

Harbor Retirement Planning's ongoing commitment to the employer-contributory (ERISA) as well as voluntary-only 403(b) marketplace, combined with our expertise in plan document and compliance services, gives you a one-stop source for all your 403(b) needs. And your participants will benefit from our high-touch, client-focused service model.

Plan Sponsor Services Include:

  • Plan Design Assistance
  • Investment Menu Review & Analysis
  • Plan & Vendor Benchmarking
  • Assistance with Custom Investment Policy Statement (IPS) Design & Review
  • Fee Review, Analysis & Negotiation
  • ERISA Compliance Reviews Assistance
  • Plan Document Services
  • Vendor Management & Negotiation
  • Plan Committee Education
  • Independent Objective Investment Advice
  • On-site Employee Education & Enrollment Services
  • Plan Conversion Assistance
  • Competitive Pricing & Comparisons

** Additional customized options may include:

  • Self-Directed Brokerage Accounts
  • Open Architecture Investment Offerings

Participant Services for Include:

  • Comprehensive Investment Menus
  • Tax-deferred Retirement Savings
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Retirement Counseling
  • Independent Objective Investment Guidance
  • Managed Account Services
  • On-Site Services

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